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BCS - Dr. Juergen Pitschke

"If you can't describe it, you can't create it!"
John Zachman

BCS - Dr. Juergen Pitschke - This is competence in Model-Based Business Engineering. Describing Business Processes, Business Decisions, Vision, or in short, a Business Architecture of an organization systematically and maintainable - this is my experience. I help you to apply standard notations as BPMN, CMMN, DMN, and frameworks as Zachman or TOGAF™ in daily work successfully. This is not an end in itself. I analyze business processes, support or automate them, roll them out to improve your business. All this is part of my service portfolio.

Model-Based Business Engineering

My workshops for modeling, analysis, and optimization of Business Processes, Business Decisions, Requirements, or Organizations.

Tools and 

How to implement your method with your tools? Which tool ist suited for your undertaking? I help to select and introduce the right tool and method.

Consulting Business Process Management

I offer a white range of services helping to realize your projects. Learn more about our consulting and coaching services.


Links to interesting events and webinars I organize with our partners.

Model-Based Business Engineering - Workshops

My training and coaching services offer knowledge about standards and notations, facilitate working techniques, soft skills, and practical proficiencies. All offerings include interaction between the participants and me. You can book all courses as open workshops or In-House workshops.

Business Process Management / Business Decision Management / Case Management

The BPM-Trilogy - Successful BPM Projects with BPMN, CMMN, and DMN
Business Decision Management - Apply DMN successfully
Case Management for Business Analysts - Apply CMMN successfully

Tools and Method - Workshops for Tools

For modeling and analysis, I use different tools. I partner with leading vendors. My tool-workshops combine knowledge, methods, and tool use. All workshops will be tailored to your needs.

Business-IT-System Development with Visual Paradigm
Business Process Management and Decision Management with Signavio
Requirements Engineering and Software Development with NoMagic

Consulting, Coaching, Projects

I love projects! I work together with your team. Knowledge transfer from day 1 is a fundamental principle. My method ensures results and minimizes your project risks.
Models are living enterprise assets. Your team needs to be able to maintain the models. Talk with me about your challenges!
My portfolio includes implementation and continuous improvement of the results.