Competence for Model Based Enterprise Engineering
Business Decision Management, Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture

"If you can't describe it, you can't create it!"
John Zachman

We use models as fundament for Business Process Management, devlopement of IT Systems, or the design of enterprises in general. Enterprise modesl are used in many different ways. Enterprise models are used for longer periods. This requires good knowledge and a good methodology.

BCS is your Know-How Partner for Model Based Enterprise Engineering - Business Process and Business Case Management, Business Decision Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, System Design

BCS - means Know-How for Business Process Management, Case Management, Business Decision Management, Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Models. We make active use of the OMG standards - from DMN, BPMN, CMMN to BMM, SBVR to UML and more. Standards give us a base and offer benefits - models can be developed more systematically, are comparable and transferable. For sure standards are not enough to ensure good models and good results.

Models are not high quality automatically. We need a systematic approach working techniques, a good method, and a great project management. And we need to make sure that our models come to life. That's why we also take care of implementation and Change Management.

Developing Enterprise Models, implementing Business Processes, managing Business Decisions - all this is always related to people. Our service offerings include soft skills and many working techniques.

Our holistic view differentiates us from our competition.

Holistic Approach: Enterprise Architecture and Method

We understand Enterprise Modeling as an engineerig discipline. This means it is planable, repeatable and tracable. Main focus is always to solve real problems.
The BCS Approach: Enterprise Architecture and MethodOur holistic approach brings connects views and aspects - Business Process Management, Case Management, and Decision Management, business requirements and system design, standard notations and working techniques, methodology and knowledge transfer.

We build on a profound theoretical base. Notations and Standards as BPMN, CMMN, DMN, BMM, SBVR und UML are part of our toolset. We help you to adopt such notations in an easy way. The main topic is not the notation but the needed result.

We offer comprehensive support for development of Business Processes and Business Decision Management Solutions.

Knowledge transfer to our customers is essential part of our concept. Our trainings and service offerings help to get you in the driver seat.

Training and Coaching: Knowledge, Competencies, Soft Skills, Tools

Our training and coaching services offer knowledge about standards and notations, facilitate working techniques, soft skills and practical proficiencies. All offerings include interaction between us and the participants. You can book all courses as open workshops or In-House workshops.

Trainingsangebote für Business Analysten und Unternehmensarchitekten

Model Based Enterprise Engineering

The BPM-Trilogy - Successful BPM Projects with BPMN, CMMN and DMN
Business Decision Management - Apply DMN successfully
Case Management for Business Analysts - Apply CMMN successfully

Training for Tools

Business Process Management, Case Management, Decision Management with Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite
Business Process Management and Decision Management with Signavio
Requirements Engineering and Software Development wih NoMagic
Business-IT-System Development with Visual Paradigm



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