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Online-Workshop Business Decision Management - Apply DMN successfully

Introduction to Decision Management and DMN

Target Audience: Business Rule Analysts, Decision Analysts, Compliance Manager, Business Analysts, Business Process Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, everybody involved in business success

Course Type:  Online-Workshop, English, 3 Sessions+Q&A-Session
Kopf FragezeichenCompliance, Business Rules, and Business Decisions are ubiquitous topics these days. Business Rules and Business Decisions are needed to prove conformity with laws and policies. Business Rules help to improve and optimize Business Processes. Business Decisions are extremely valuable to make Business Processes flexible and more complete in general.

Rule book projects analyzing Business Rules "only" are often not very successful. We need to analyze Business Rules in their context - we need to describe the Business Logic. Especially analyzing Business Decisions within a Business Process are valuable for improving Business Processes and Business Decisions.

The workshop gives a practical introduction into "Business Decision Management" for first-time users and into the OMG-Standard Notation DMN.

Participants acquire knowledge about:

  • Concepts for Business Decision Management
  • Standard notation for Decision Management: Decision Model and Notation (DMN)

Participants acquire the following skills:

  • Identify Decision Points in Business Processes, Scope a Business Decision
  • Describe and analyze Business Decisions in detail

The workshop consists of the modules MBBE, DMN 2-6, and a final question-and-answer session.
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Workshop: Use Business Decision Management - Apply DMN successfully

  1. Introduction - Business Decision Management
    • What is a "(Business)Decision?
    • Basics of Business Decision Management - Decision Discovery, Decision Execution, Decision Analysis
  2. Business Decisions and DMN
    1. Overview - Business Processes, Business Decisions
    2. Identify Business Decisions in the Business Process
      1. Decision Points in the Business Process
      2. Scope Business Decisions
    3. Describe Business Logic
      1. Input
      2. Subdecision - Structure Decisions
      3. Describe and Analyze Decision Tables
    4. Decision Model and Notation - Elements and Meaning
  3. Business Decision Management in Context Business Process Management
  4. DMN 1.3 - News in Overview
  5. Tools for Business Decision Management - Overview

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