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Individual workshops for tools and methodology


We want to create business models that are used for the long term. We need tools that help us to create and use models and support in creating models. We know a variety of tools, with their strengths and weaknesses. We help you with the selection and introduction of tools.

We work closely with various leading manufacturers. Our workshops are the perfect combination of methodical workshops and pure tool training.

Tool workshops are conducted as in-house training or online workshops. We clarify your needs with you and create individual workshops that address your needs and do not come off the shelf.
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Visual ParadigmVisual Paradigm International is the developer of Visual Paradigm Suite - the solution for visual modeling.
We are training partner in Europe.

We offer the following workshops:
  • Develop business IT applications with Visual Paradigm
  • Describe business processes with Visual Paradigm
  • Implement business and enterprise architecture
  • Use Visual Paradigm

NoMagic - MagicDraw und Cameo
NoMagic, Inc. is the manufacturer of the popular modeling platforms MagicDraw and Cameo for system and enterprise modeling. The solutions support many common notations, the representation and management of the enterprise architecture and diverse work techniques and methods. We are training partners for the German-speaking countries.

We offer the following workshops:
  • Requirements Management with MagicDraw / Cameo
  • Business process modeling with Cameo Business Modeler
  • Use MagicDraw

Signavio Logo Claim RGBWith its Business Transformation Platform, Signavio GmbH offers an integrated solution for the modeling, automation, analysis and optimization of business processes and decisions. The Berlin-based company with additional locations in the USA and Asia now has more than 900 customers worldwide. For detailed information, online resources, and a free trial, visit www.signavio.com.

We are training and consulting partner for Business Process Management and Business Decision Management
We offer the following workshops:
  • Business Decision Management with Signavio
  • Business Process Management with Signavio
  • Use BPMN, CMMN and DMN in Signavio

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