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Training - Overview

Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Case Management, Decision Management, Softskills, ...

Modeling needs Know-How! You need to know standard notations, master working techniques, apply methods, manage projects, communicate with co-workers, customers, and other stakeholders. You need to gather, structure, and process knowledge about your enterprise. I help you with these challenges.

legoI support you in dealing with all these challenges with my workshops. Open courses offer the opportunity to meet other users and reflect own problems on practices in other companies. An in-house workshop is the better choice if you want to train more people or if you have special requests for the content. In any case knowledge transfer for the daily business is our goal. Practical examples are part of all our offerings. You are welcome to introduce your own examples and questions. The majority of the workshops are online workshops. You can also book individual modules. I'm happy to advise on your selection of modules.  This way you create workshops fitting your needs.

I accompany you with coaching to introduce Enterprise Architecture Management, Business Process Management, and Business Decision Management into your daily practice. I develop a method suited to your needs, support the roll-out, and care for quality assurance.

The current "Workshops in Focus" are " The BPM Trilogy - Apply BPMN, CMMN, DMN in context" and "Business Decision Management and DMN - online".  The workshops reflect my philosophy in a unique way. Different views are needed for successful Business Process Management. It is not enough to describe process flow. We need to analyze unstructured processes, we need to analyze the business logic, and we need to connect the views. The workshop introduces the OMG standards Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN), and Decision Model and Notation (DMN) and shows the benefits generated when applying these concepts together in the right context.

Workshops Business Decision Management and Business Process Management

This complex addresses Business Analysts, Business Process Managers, Business Process Modelers, Business Process Improvement Professionals interested in a systematic description, analysis and optimization of Business Processes, Business Decision Logic, and the context. You get known to the relevant standard notations, understand the relationships between different views, and apply important architectural principles.

Workshops on Notations:

Workshops Enterprise Architecture and Methodology

A great Business Process Model isn't a good process. A good System Model doesn't guarantee a good system. And both together don't ensure the success of the enterprise. It needs an Enterprise Architecture and a method to develop process models, decision logic, and systems and roll them out successfully. These workshops help you to understand Enterprise Architecture, architecture principles, working techniques, and methods.


Workshops Soft-Skills

What makes your Business Process Project a success? Often companies look only for qualifications to develop and realize models - notations are the main topic. In reality, soft skills most often make the difference between a successful project and a disaster. How can I gather the needed information? How can I process the collected information? How to organize workshops, interviews, questionnaires? How to work with subject matter experts? How to manage conflicts between stakeholders? Our service offerings for "Soft Skills" are a result of many projects. It is a new field for us and grows fast.


  • Lego® Serious Play® and BPM Projects
  • Organizing and completing BPM Workshops: Facilitation, Asking Questions, Team-Organisation, Protocol, Tools, and Helpers

Workshops Tools and Methode

For the representation of models and the support of working techniques - from analysis to implementation - I use Tools. I work with several leading manufacturers and offer workshops that combine methodology and tool use.  The mentioned offers are examples and will be adapted and extended to your specific requirements.

Have a look at my Workshop Calendar to find dates and prices! You can book all courses also as In-House-Workshops. Or you let us know where you would like to attend a workshop.

The workshops are currently mostly offered as online workshops. You can also book and combine individual modules to create your individual training program. I would be happy to advice you on a suitable selection of modules.
For my online offers, I use different systems (GoToMeeting, Jitsi Meet, MS Teams, FCC). If your company has any restrictions regarding the use of such systems, please let me know. Surely we will find a solution together.