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Visual Paradigm - Online Workshop

Online Workshop "Apply Visual Paradigm - Develop Business-IT-Applications"

In this open workshop, you will become acquainted with Visual Paradigm. Understand how to use the repository, create models for a wide variety of views, generate output, and get an insight into methods and working techniques.

Target group: Visual Paradigm users, interested user, Software Developers, Business Architects

Course type: Online Workshop, 3 dates + QA session

Participants acquire knowledge of:

  • Structure of Visual Paradigm, understanding and using the repository
  • Understanding Visual Paradigm and the Repository
  • Models and model elements in Visual Paradigm
  • News in the current versions of Visual Paradigm

Participants acquire the following skills:

  • Create and maintain models in Visual Paradigm
  • Create outputs and analysis with Visual Paradigm
  • Organize modeling projects
The workshop consists of the modules MBBE, VP 2, VP 3, VP 4, VP 5, VP 6, and a final question-and-answer session.
You can book the complete workshop or individual modules on my booking page! Register now!
I would be happy to advise you on the selection of modules. If you need additional modules, please express your wishes.


Workshop content "Apply Visual Paradigm"

  • Principles of visual modeling - introduction
    Who needs models? Which models do we need?
    Architecture, method and development process - develop and use models
    What makes a good model?
  • Understanding Visual Paradigm
    Visual Paradigm - Components
    Using Visual Paradigm
    Structure of the Repository
    Create Models
    Reuse Model Elements
    Describe Model Elements in Detail
    Link Models and Mode Elements
  • Using Models in Visual Paradigm
    Analysis and Overviews – Charts, Matrix, Impact Analyse
    Create Outputs – Publish, Default  Reports, individual Dokuments
  • Teamwork in Visual Paradigm
    Organize Projekts in Teamwork-Server/VPository
    Working on Projects in Team
    Version Control
  • Toolsets in Visual Paradigm - Notationtoolsets, Methodtoolsets
    Other Toolsets
  • News in latest versions