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USoft - Business Process-Modellierung and Automation

When business processes and business rules have been described, the question of implementing supporting IT solutions often comes up. USoft's low-code, back-end-first approach ensures results, is flexible and cost-effective.


Low-Code: Back-End first

Low code is the new normal. USoft's back-end-first approach first lays the foundation for business applications. Complex features can be realized. You achieve high flexibility for the development of the user interface. The low-code, back-end-first approach ensures high efficiency and low costs.


Business Rules for maximum Control

USoft is based on business rules. As a result, business processes and their context are the first starting point. Business rules are comparatively stable, giving maximum control over the organization's decisions. If processes change, applications created with USoft continue to function flawlessly.


Great Maintenance, Cost-Effective

The low-code basics of the USoft platform make it easier to maintain the software. Development is accelerating. Costs and effort for people and other resources are reduced.


The Foundation in Low-Code First, Interfaces Second

With USoft, you don't start with the user interfaces. You start with the foundation for low-code. You create a robust framework that combines data model and business rules. This multi-level approach, with separate layers combined in a platform, results in a unique "separation of concerns". After the application core, the interfaces follow. You achieve unbeatable stability and maintainability of your software.

New Opportunities for new Challenges

USoft's multi-level approach opens up new opportunities for business-critical applications to continually developed in a consistent manner. The approach opens up new opportunities for new challenges.

The rules-based, back-end-first approach ensures traceability too. Before you make changes to the system, assess the impact of changes.
At the same time, you can integrate external components and benefit from your previous investments.

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