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SOPExpress/ExpressTrain TS - Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, Check Lists, Training Material

SOPExpress/ExpressTrain TS - PCES solutions for easy creation and maintenance of SOP, Work Instructions and other materials

Did we model the business processes, many industries require SOP, work instructions, checklists, training materials, and other outputs to be created in different formats. The Use Case "Process" is just one of many. Other areas are certifications, ISO, quality management, general management, manuals and others.

In particular, security-relevant areas require work instructions, checklists, job aids, and other materials in various output formats - digital and analog as well.

SOP Express is the solution to capture content easily, generate different outputs - training documents, checklists, standard operating procedures, web testing, and other artifacts. We must demonstrate that the relevant instructions have been brought to the attention of the employees, understood and observed by them.

Are topics as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)/Work Instructions, EU-OSHA, safety regulations, or ISO certifications relevant to you, the Princeton Center for Education Services (PCES) solutions are right for you.

SOP Express Process Workflow

SOP Express supports the entire process from capturing content to generating different outputs. The Express Train Transformation Suite includes the following steps - creating tests, guides for different audiences, web-based tutorials, and integration into SCORM-compliant eLearning management environments.


Capture - Capture the contents of the work instructions/SOP

Capture - Erfassen der SOP-Inhalte

With SOP Express, you capture the content in one place (in a repository) and work in your familiar environment - Microsoft Word.

You can include images, videos, and other multi-media content and make your work instructions "living." Structuring your content is especially important.

Use standard templates, create your own templates, or let me help you create templates. A template with a good structure significantly reduces the acquisition effort.

Transform - Create Work Instructions, Visual Job Aids, and more

Transform - Erzeugen Sie visuelle Job-Hilfen

After you captured your content once, you create different outputs in different formats. SOP Express supports a "Write-Once, Use-Many" approach. Possible outputs include SOP reports, Visual Aids, training materials, job descriptions, checklists, user manuals, and tests.


Publish- Erzeugen Sie Ausgaben in verschiedenen Formaten

In the final step, you create different outputs in different formats - from Word documents, PDF files to web pages. Deploy your output to PCs, mobile devices, or classic paper. Use Sharepoint or LMS to distribute your documents. Integrate outputs into your familiar environment.

The advantages of SOP Express at a glance:

  • Significant cost savings in the creation of work instructions and documents for occupational health and safety through the "Write-Once, Use-Many" approach.
  • Standardized approach and use of templates to ensure consistency of the generated content
  • Deliver content in different output formats

ExpressTrain Transformation Suite expands the capabilities of SOP Express. ExpressTrain allows you to create web-based training that can be distributed across any SCORM-compliant learning management system. Possible systems include Plateau, Comartis, MELS, SumTotel, Saba, Meridian.

ExpressTrain can also be paired with document management systems such as Documentum, MasterControl, or Sword Achiever. Express Train supports you in tracking your training and offers evaluations using the TrainTrack module.

I offer various services around SOP Express/Express Train: I introduce you to the solution, help with the creation of templates, the migration of existing content, and create outputs for you.

We are happy to introduce you to the possibilities of SOP Express / ExpressTrain Transformation Suite in an online demo.