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Ellie - The Tool for your Data Assets

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Ellie is your tool for your data assets. Starting with the conceptual data model/vocabulary, you create the basis for all your models and for important work techniques in business analysis and the development of business applications. It is the starting point for data governance, master data management initiatives, and projects.

The terms used are collected in the Business Glossary and can be supplemented with other required attributes.

Interfaces ensure integration with other tools

Ellie is cloud-based, intuitive to use, and enables easy collaboration. So the conceptual model and the business glossary can be used across your organization.

You can find initial information at www.ellie.ai. I would be happy to show you the possibilities of ellie in an online session.

You can also find background information in the recorded webinars with Cindi Meyersohn and Alec Sharp.



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