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Methods and Tools

I provide knowledge and skills on how to describe business processes, business rules, business decisions, requirements, and other content to my clients. We need the definition of the terms used - the business vocabulary - the definition of the business strategy and the description of many other artifacts - in short, we define a complete enterprise architecture. I developed a variety of tools for creating content, to create the architecture, to make it usable and maintainable. We design reports, analyses, and other outputs. I collaborate, I work in teams. We use applications to facilitate all this. I help my customers with the systematic application of various applications. I help with the selection and introduction of solutions. Various products are part of my portfolio. A tool is a tool. In any case, a method and working techniques are an important part of the solution - How do I structure the repository?; What content must be linked? How are the relationships realized?; How do I create outputs in an easy way?). My supported solutions include


Leading tool for Enterprise Architecture.

Visual Paradigm - Workshops

Workshops for Visual Paradigm: Develop Business-IT-Applications. Use Visual Paradigm and Agile Methods.
Apply other notations and working techniques in Visual Paradigm


Process Modeling and Automation
Low-Code, Back-End_First- Approach

SOPExpress/ExpreSOPExpress - SOPsssSOPExpress - SOPS Train

Creation of SOPs, Work Instructions, Checklists and other outputs.

Notations and Methods

Notations, Descriptions, and methods are base for many tools. My Workshops for Notations and Methods can be found in the Training Area.

Other Tools

I support the use of various tools: Cameo/MagicDraw by Dassault/NoMagic; Aeneis from Intellior, Adonis, DecisionsFirst, RuleXPress, but also tools such as Kogito, Lucidchart or MS Visio.


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