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Business Architecture and Enterprise Models - Resources

You find some White Paper in this section. Some of the Papers are in German only - sorry for this. We work hard to make translations available. If you are especially interested in one of the papers - please email us.

Complex or Complicated II - Separation of Concerns and Levels of Abstraction

Model-Based Business Engineering - PDF-Download Complex Models cannot be avoided. How can we make complex models make maintainable?
New Version 1.5 with corrections.

Model-Based Business Engineering - A Positioning

Model-Based Business Engineering - PDF-Download Model-Based Business Engineering - Why do we need models? Why Model-Based and not Model-Driven? How about Engineering? The document formulates our basic understanding of MBBE for further discussions.

Architecture, Method, Process - A Business Analysis Framework (German)

Architektur, Methode, Prozess The term "Business Analysis" is not clearly defined so far. We need a schema to organize content, methods, and approaches,  to scope content and working techniques belonging to "Business Analysis". The White Paper defines a context for this.

Textual Analysis - A Working Technique for Visual Modeling (English)

Textuelle Analyse - Download Textual Information is the base for all visual models. The White Paper gives an introduction to "Textual Analysis". The systematic application of this working technique ensures comparable and repeatable results within a modeling team. New Version.

What is a Model? (And if yes, how many?)

Was ist ein Modell? - Download What is a Model anyway? This White Paper gives some definitions for the term "Model" and defines basic principles for visual models. The White Paper is part of the series "Modeling as an Engineering Discipline"

Good Models - How to define and measure the quality of Enterprise Models (Version 2.0, German)

Qualität von Modellen - Download We understand modeling as an engineering discipline. This means also that the quality of a model can be measured. Often the only quality assurance for business models is done through review. If you have a large number of models this approach is limited and needs to be extended. The White Paper defines quality criteria and measure points. It shows how quality assurance can be supported by modeling tools.