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Business Process Management / Case Management - Resources

The Business Process Manifesto - German Translation

BPMN-Poster Download German translation of the  Business Process Manifesto by Roger Burlton. The English original and many other languages can be downloaded from the  BPTrends-Website.

BPMN 2.0 for Business Analysts - "The other Poster"

BPMN-Poster Download Our poster about BPMN 2.0. The poster shows the - very easy - subset of BPMN 2 needed to describe Business Processes from a Business View. You can also order a printed version from our site for 15 Euro.

Textual Analysis - A Working Technique for Visual Modeling

Textuelle Analyse - Download Textual Information is the base for all visual models. The White Paper gives an introduction to "Textual Analysis". The systematic application of this working technique ensures comparable and repeatable results within a modeling team. New Version.

What is „Language Based BPM"? A Short Explanation

Updated Version.

Was ist "Language Based BPM?" - Download Language and visual Models are strongly connected. Working techniques as textual analysis are an important part of our modeling methodology. This white paper tries to explain what "Language Based BPM" means. An old White Paper from 2012, updated 2020.

Why are Business Process Models often too complex? Do's and Don'ts for Business Process Modelers

Warum sind Geschäftsprozessmodelle oft zu komplex? - Download Visual Models are easy to understand. Unfortunately, this is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. Business Process Models are often badly structured. Such models are hard to understand and maintenance is complicated. The White Paper looks for reasons and possible solutions.

Good Models - How to define and measure the quality of Enterprise Models (Version 2.0, German)

Qualität von Modellen - Download We understand modeling as an engineering discipline. This means also that the quality of a model can be measured. Often the only quality assurance for business models is done through review. If you have a large number of models this approach is limited and needs to be extended. The White Paper defines quality criteria and measure points. It shows how quality assurance can be supported by modeling tools.