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Consulting "Business Decision Management"

Business Decision Management is an indispensable part of Business Process Management to me. Business Decision Management is more than just modeling decisions. We want to automate or support decisions. And we need to continually evaluate the results of our business decisions to improve business decisions and adapt to changing situations. Predictive decisions question familiar thought patterns.

Are you interested in Business Decision Management? You find out about "Business Decision Management" in the know-how section, book modules about Business Decision Management, or use my consulting services.

Understanding "Business Decision Management"

Apart from the catchwords, I work with you to develop the basic concepts of "Business Decision Management", show possible applications, and options for automation. I put business decision management in context - from business process management, strategy, and goals to specifications and compliance. Tell me about your requirements and show your examples and current questions. Together we develop sample solutions.

As a result, you understand the "Business Decision Management" approach and can assess the value of your business.

Analyze Use Cases of "Business Decision Management" in Your Enterprise

Business Decision Management has many use cases. The issue may be most advanced in finance and insurance. Compliance and risk provisioning force companies in these areas to explicitly present and analyze their decisions.

However, the use of Business Decision Management goes far beyond these topics and brings major improvements for business process management in all areas of the company. Permissions for products or services, pricing, options, alternatives in your Business Process flow are just a few examples.

At the same time, the approach allows us to start with a few (important) Business Decisions. The analysis and implementation of individual business decisions can have major effects.

Together with you, I identify the possibilities of Business Decision Management in your company. I estimate effort and benefits and enable you to make an informed decision. Together we carry out a pilot project and prepare the introduction of business decision management.

Introduce Business Decision Management 

Based on the identified use cases and the results of the pilot project, we help you introduce business decision management in your organization. These include, but is not limited to:

  • Training of business analysts and modelers
  • Project planning and control
  • Quality assurance
  • Evaluation of business decisions
  • Implementation of Business Decisions in practice
  • IT-technical implementation of the decision models