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BCS - Dr. Juergen Pitschke - About Me

BCS - Expert Knowledge from Enterprise Architecture to Business Process Management

BCS is your partner for enterprise design and realization. I'm a specialist in Model-Based Enterprise Engineering.  Current standards and frameworks are base of my approach - from BMM, SBVR to BPMN, DMN, CMMN. I use proven frameworks as Zachman or TOGAF. Standards offer many benefits - models can be developed systematically, are comparable, understandable, exchangeable. Good models don't come without effort. You need working techniques, a method, and a systematic approach. Frameworks give us structure but need to be customized to your current situation.

Modeling is not a purpose in itself. Models help us to understand enterprises and to solve problems - from process optimization to IT implementation. Usually, problems are interconnected. Models are an important communication tool for business users and between business and IT. Models need to address different stakeholders.

You need different perspectives to analyze an organization, design a solution, or implement a new business process. Stay away from silver bullets - a single standard, a single concept will never guarantee success in the long run. I see standards, frameworks, and methods as important tools. But using only one standard will always result in an isolated view. My strength is the integration of different approaches into a practical and customized method - different standard notations, best practices of different methods, and proven working techniques are my success factors.

I help you to integrate standards and methods into your daily practice. Knowledge transfer to your team in our workshops, training, and coaching or quality assurance are parts of my service offerings.