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Introducing Model Based Approaches - Our Service Offerings

Model based approaches are en vogue. Model Based Architecture, Model Driven Development, Model Based Process Management - model based approaches come in different flavours. Models are base for Requests for Proposal, Business Process Management, Decision Management, Quality Assurance, System Development and much more.

But results for model based projects are often disappointing. Typical problems are:

Modellbasierte Ansätze einführenHigh Effort: Projects are not planed or differ heavily from planed schedule. The effort is much higher than expected.
No Maintainability: Created models are not maintainable. The invested effort is usable only short term and lost afterwards.
Bad Model Quality: The model quality varies a lot or is just bad. It is intransparent how the models are created.  Design Decisions are lost.
Notation Focus: The selected notation dominates the content. Different views are mixed. Normal model users are inable to get the content.
Method Divergence: The selected method doesn't fit the goals of the project.

Reasons for this problems are multifaceted: Lack of experience or qualification, missing project management, unclear project goals are just some. Our credo is to understand modeling as a engineering disipline. This means modeling is planable, repeatable, can be measured, and follows a systematic approach. We support you in introducing such a model based approach.

Probleme analysierenArchitecture: We specify needed content, notations, relations and outputs together with your team and stakeholders.
We develop a pragmatic method for your company addressing your needs and goals. We select from a wide range of working techniques and approaches which suites your specific situation and culture. Starting with your goals we define content, select notations, define the "Styleguide" for your project and teach your team.
Project Management: We are exerienced in planing and realising modeling projects. We take on project management or support your team.

Quality Management:
We back your team and make sure that the models are in sync with standards and guidelines. That's the only way to ensure a long term usability.
Training/Coaching: We teach the needed knowledge and working techniques to your team. Result oriented  courses ensure a quick start. Coaching concepts ensure an ongoing support.
Ressources: We can help you with experienced business analysts. It is important for us that you take over responsibility for results as fast as possible,

Our approach is "agile" - meaning iterative with short project cycles. This helps you to minimize risk and give permanent control of costs and progress. Start small and grow. Get more information about our approach first, test it in your environment, start your project and get it realized:

Serviceangebote von BCSInformation: Webinars, conferences, presentation give you an option to learn more about our offerings. These offerings are free of charge.
"Wine Tasting": We work on a real problem from your daily practice in a one or two day workshop. As in a real "Wine Tasting" you can choose from different notations, techniques and approaches to get an understanding and find out what fits your needs.
Pilot Project:  We define your modeling approach and teach it to your core team. A pilot project takes two to maximum three weeks. You get real results. Planning the next phases and iterations is a major output from the Pilot Project.

Project Iterations:  Next project iterations are defined together with your team to expand the architecture and method. A project iteration should not be longer than three months. Your team takes over responsibility. We ensure the quality of the results.

Want to find out more? Contact us and tell us about your project.


Update "Decision Management Manifesto" and RuleSpeak - Documents

There are updates.

An updated version of "The  Decision Management Manifesto" can be found at the Decision Management Solutions website. The German translation can also be found at our site.

Updated versions of the  RuleSpeak-Documents. We extended the documents by the Tabulation Primer.

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